01. Looking For Someone (Banks, Gabriel, Rutherford, Phillips) (7:06)

02. White Mountain (Banks, Gabriel, Rutherford, Phillips) (6:42)

03. Visions Of Angels (Banks, Gabriel, Rutherford, Phillips) (6:50)

04. Stagnation (Banks, Gabriel, Rutherford, Phillips) (8:48)

05. Dusk (Banks, Gabriel, Rutherford, Phillips) (4:13)

06. The Knife (Banks, Gabriel, Rutherford, Phillips) (8:56)




Peter Gabriel - lead voice, flute, accordion, tambourine and bass drum

Anthony Phillips - acoustic 12-string, lead electric, dulcimer, voices

Tony Banks – organ, piano, Mellotron, guitar, voices

Mike Rutherford – acoustic 12-string, electric bass, nylon, cello, voices

John Mayhew -  drums, percussion, voices


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