A Visit To The Doctor

John bitterly explains that the entire life of the Slipperman is devoted

to satisfying the never-ending hunger of the senses, which has been

inherited from the Lamia. There is only one escape route; a dreaded

visit to the notorious Doktor Dyper who will remove the source of the

problems, or to put it less politely, castrate.
They discuss the deceptively-named escape for a long time and decide to

go together to visit the Doktor.
"You're in the colony of slippermen.

There's no who? why? what? or when?

You get out if you've got the gripe

To see, Doktor Dyper, reformed sniper - he'll whip off your

John and I are able

To face the Doktor and his marble table.
The Doktor:
Understand Rael, that's the end of your tail.
"Don't delay, dock the dick!"

I watch his countdown timer tick....

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