The Arrival

I wandered lonely as a cloud,

Till I came upon this dirty street.

I've never seen a stranger crowd;

Slubberdegullions on a squeaky feet,
Continually pacing,

With nonchalant embracing,

Each orifice disgracing

And one facing me moves to say "hellay".
His skin's all covered in slimy lumps.

With lips that slide across each chin.

His twisted limbs like rubber stamps

Are waved in welcome say 'Please join in.'
My grip must be flipping,

Cos his handshake keeps slipping,

My hopes keep on dipping

And his lips keep on smiling all the time.
"We like you, have tasted love.

Don't be alarmed at what you see,

You yourself are just the same

As what you see in me."
Me, like you? like that!
"You better watch it son, your sentence has only just begun

You better run and join your brother John

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